Russell Wilson RESPONDS To Future's BELLIGERENT Threats!

Russell Wilson RESPONDS To Future's BELLIGERENT Threats!
Russell Wilson has finally responded to threats that Future levied towards the NFL star.
On Friday, rapper Future went on a rant on his Apple Beats radio podcast. During an interview, Future blasted his babys mother Ciara's new husband Russell Wilson. Future claimed that Russ was "not being a man" because he "allowed" Ciara to trash talk him on social media and in public.
Future also threatened Russell Wilson saying that Russell "better not come" to his next court appearance with Ciara.
Well Russell responded - with the class that we all knew he had.
He didn't threaten Future, even though he's much bigger and stronger than the rapper. He didn't talk about Future being a deadbeat father, even though he's raising Future's son. 
Instead, he just posted a loving picture of his kids, one of whom is Future's son Future jr.
Here's what he posted:

According to TMZ: 
There's a couple different ways to interpret Russ's post -- but regardless, it'd be pretty hard not to call it a clap back. The pic shows Future Jr. --who's Future's biological son -- nuzzling noses with his half-sister, Sienna -- who's Ciara and Russell's biological daughter.
Russ captioned the post, "All that matters. #Love."
As you know ... Ciara and Future are in the middle of an ongoing custody battle, for which Ciara now wants a mediator to intervene so a travel schedule can get hashed out for Future Jr. She's claimed in court docs that Future has allegedly broken scheduled visits and hands off the kid to family members instead of spending personal time with him.