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Daymond John Says Katy Perry's Shoe Line Wasn't Blackface

Daymond John Says Katy Perry's Shoe Line Wasn't Blackface

Recently, Daymond John of Shark Tank was stopped by TMZ outside a popular restaurant in West Hollywood, where the businessman and television personality was asked what if thinks of the recent blackface controversies in the fashion world. 
At one point in the impromptu interview, John was asked what he thought of Katy Perry's new line of shoes that have been criticized for perpetuating those same negative stereotypes, to which he replied that he didn't find the design offensive at all.  

"What blackface is, is when you only paint your face here," John said while using his finger to circle around his entire face, followed by him pointing back to a photo of Katy Perry's shoe to say: "This is not blackface necessarily. Is the [other shoe] whiteface? so that's not blackface." From there, John made the distinction between why films like White Chicks and Tropic Thunder weren't offensive for their use of racial makeup, stating that since they colored their full bodies, that once again doesn't fall in line of what should be deemed offensive.
Daymond John Says Katy Perry's Shoe Line Wasn't Blackface

Earlier in the footage, John was also asked about the Gucci sweater that's been accused of using blackface, and once more he refused to say the design was necessarily blackface at all. "If they were looking at old African-American art," John said to TMZ, "if you look at the old Jazz art from the '50s and '60s it looks like blackface but it's not, and they were trying to play off [that]."
He went on to say "I've seen big celebrities wear that type of stuff and not get any slack," while conceding that it "probably was contrived but you never know what they were trying to respect." He concluded his statements by saying "the reason Gucci has been around for many years is that they know what they're doing."
Source: TMZ