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Young Buck Wants To Know If He's Still With G-Unit After Receiving Cease & Desist

Young Buck Wants To Know If He's Still With G-Unit After Receiving Cease & Desist

Young Buck wants answers after he queried as to whether or not he was still an artist on G-Unit records after receiving a cease and desist.
Young Buck's music was reportedly pulled off streaming sites and his music distributor received the cease and desist from 50's camp - but nobody has spoken to Buck about it which has left him confused.
"It's come to my knowledge that a cease a desist was sent out from G-Unit Records to a certain distribution label dealing with my music. I think me and the fans wanna know. Am I an artist still on G-Unit Records? Cause if that's the case, don't you think I need to go ahead and complete whatever's on my contract?" he said speaking directly into the camera.

50 Cent has not yet responded to Buck, at least not on social media.
Young Buck made headlines a few weeks back after video footage allegedly featuring him and a transgender female were leaked online. Audio of an alleged conversation between him and his allegedly lover were also leaked.
He then hopped online and launched a homophobic rant, denying that he was gay.
“Let me address this real fast real quick. Ain’t sh*t gay about me. I aint got a problem with no gay people. Whatever the f*ck you niggas thought you seen on a tape, n*gga that aint no motherf*ckin tape of no motherf*ckin’ punk sucking my d*ck. But for you b*tch ass n*gga, or n*ggas, Cook-Up in particular, n*gga since you want to jump on the Instagram and play all these old gangsta ass roles like you that. B*tch ass n*gga why don't you just pull up and keep that same energy n*gga. You give me the location and ill give you the location. Keep that same energy, and say all that h*e ass energy you wanna say on the gram and say it to my face," he said at the time.

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