Diddy Is Reportedly DATING Nipsey Hussle's Widow Lauren London!!

Music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs now has a serious new girlfriend - Nipsey Hussle's widow, Lauren London.
Sources spoke with several people close to Diddy, and they tell us that Diddy and Lauren have become "close" over the past couple of months. And many of his friends believe that the two are now dating.
Lauren's life partner - Rap legend Nipsey Hussle - was murdered last year in Los Angeles. Lauren was devastated at the time. But now after a year, it appears that the beauty has decided moved on with her life.
And we have some receipts as to their relationship.
Diddy accidentally posted pics of his new bae on Instagram yesterday. When his fans noticed and started commenting on the pics, the mogul removed the images.
Here are the pics of Diddy and Lauren London:
We have to admit, though, dating Diddy is an odd choice for Lauren. That's because Diddy used to date Lauren's best friend - Cassie Ventura for years.
Cassie has since moved on and gotten married. But it still seems weird to date your bestie's ex or perhaps former bestie.