OWNs Show 'Black Love' Under Fire: All Couples Have Lite Skinned Woman!!


We Have learned that OWN network plans to release a new season of the docu-series Black Love next month. And the new season is coming under fire, as many are calling it "colorist."

The new season of the show went viral on social media after prominent Black intellectuals began criticizing the show's depiction of "Black Love." Nearly all of the couples in the current season consist of a Black man and a lite skinned Black woman.

MTO News has learned that many Black activists and intellectuals on social media are suggesting that the depiction of successful Black love, as a Black man marrying a lite skinned Black woman, is a colorist and damaging to the Black community.


It is a bit strange that you have a show called "Black Love" and all of the women are lite skinned. Hopefully, it's just a coincidence and not something that was done intentionally.

Here's the trailer for the new season: