Sex Offender Accused of Watching Child Porn for Hours on iPad at AT&T Store


According to reports, a convicted sex offender left employees at an AT&T store in Boulder, CO, "horrified" as he watched child porn on an iPad until the workers called the police. Nathan Wood, 38, recently pleaded not guilty to charges related to the April 18 incident, which included sexual exploitation of a child and attempted sexual exploitation of a child; both are felony offenses. 

Authorities said when they got hold of the iPad Wood allegedly used to browse for child porn, they found German phrases in the search history that amounted to "nude children." He also visited sites that displayed underage victims of sexual assault. 

Prior to the recent felony charges, Wood was convicted of sexual assault and burglary stemming from a 2011 incident. Reports from back then say, "He had stolen women’s clothing from bathrooms in female dormitories at the University of Colorado and also assaulted a woman acquaintance as she slept in such a dorm." 

Wood was later sentenced to six years in prison on top of an additional two years of work release and supervised probation.