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Black GOP Gubernatorial Candidate in Michigan Promises to Cancel BHM


A black GOP gubernatorial candidate in the state of Michigan has put his campaign on the map via a controversial stance on Black History Month.

Austin Chenge, an Army vet tweeted on Monday that if he's elected to office he will do away with Black History Month in his state. Chenge said that the monthlong celebration and commemoration of black historical contributions to the US and world history is "unfair" and potentially illegal. 

“I will cancel #BlackHistoryMonth in #Michigan,” read Chenge's tweet. “It’s offensive, unfair, maybe illegal… Americans from all backgrounds deserve a revered history. I’ll declare American History Month.”

Chenge has garnered some attention as the first Republican challenger for the governor's office, which is currently held by Democrat Gretchen Whitmer. Chenge, 35, is building a reputation for taking extremely conservative stances, particularly with regard to cultural issues. Moreover, Chenge has been a strong proponent of former President Donald Trump and defended the actions of the MAGA mob at the Capitol Building on Jan 6.