LAPD Cops Under Fire for Sharing 'You Take My Breath Away' George Floyd Post


According to reports, the LAPD is conducting an internal investigation after officers on the force reportedly shared an image of George Floyd along with the caption “You take my breath away.” The offensive imagery in question allegedly stems from the LAPD’s Harbor Division, and the image was allegedly passed around at that worksite. According to the department, it is believed the original image was created by an LAPD employee.

Via Twitter, the LAPD Headquarters addressed the matter and said, “The Department has become aware of allegations that an image was being passed around the department and this image was in the workplace.  There are also allegations that the post with the image was authored by a department employee.”

They continued saying, “A personnel complaint has been initiated and we are pursuing each allegation, including interviewing the department member who brought it to our attention.” LAPD Chief and commander at the Harbor Division—Michael Moore said he’s “disgusted” by the Floyd post and also said, “Messages with inappropriate content may result in discipline." Stay tuned for more updates.