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Akademiks Says Keyshia Ka'oir Allegedly Slept w/ Yo Gotti While Gucci Was Jailed



Akademiks rehashed an old industry rumor while discussing celebrity relationships during a recent live stream.

While speaking with an unidentified female and a few additional males, one of the males tried to used Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir's marriage as an example until the female in the chat said Gucci's wife is not really in the industry and "is able to play her role."  Akademiks countered the argument by bringing up Ka'oir's rumored affair with Yo Gotti during Gucci Mane's incarceration.

"Hold on now -- and I'ma be really respectful as I talk about this -- because if we really talking about Gucci and his wife, a lot of y'all n***** be like, 'Gucci's wylin.' Y'all know allegedly Gucci's wife, while he was locked up, slept with Yo Gotti, right?" Akademiks responded. "Allegedly. That's why he cussed Angela Yee out if y'all noticed."

Akademiks clarified that he meant no disrespect to Gucci's marriage by bringing up the subject. He continued by saying many men can't get over a woman's past before adding that Gucci Mane dealt with a number of women before settling down with his wife.

"Gucci, at that time, was f****** mad b******," Ak said. "But the girl that he was gonna settle down with, that he always had an extra s*** for, was Keyshia Ka'oir. He wasn't with her his whole time. He was also kind of running around a little bit. When she decided to do her a little bit, allegedly, she might have been with Yo Gotti. Y'all demonize any girl that was ever with another rapper that y'all can recognize. Gucci married his girl. He realized she was a good girl, who held it down and who also helped him out with a lot of s***."

The former "Everyday Struggle" host also said the couple wasn't exclusive at the time of the alleged affair. In a 2013 interview with The Breakfast Club, Yo Gotti mentioned that a big reason for the rift that developed between him and Gucci Mane was over Keyshia Ka'oir. Gucci Mane's wife has not commented on the alleged affair.