Oklahoma Republican Compared Black Lives Matter to KKK

We really need to talk about how basic white conservatives are when it comes to making an argument. That they are racist white nationalists is a given, but what really gets me is the fact that when it comes to thinking critically, they possess all of the depth of an inflatable kiddie pool before it has been inflated. No wonder conservative lawmakers across the nation are hellbent on banning Critical Race Theory into oblivion—they hate discussing race, and anything that requires critical thinking makes their little neo-Nazi brains hurt.

So, logical fallacy is basically their lane and it seems that their favorite form of logical fallacy is false equivalency—which is why white people and Jason Whitlock (I know, that’s basically redundant) keep making this asinine comparison between Black Lives Matter and the Ku Klux Klan.

The Hill reports that during discussions on an Oklahoma House bill that would ban “critical race theory” at state colleges and universities, Rep. Justin Humphrey (R), while on the House floor Thursday, parroted the white-supremacy-for-dummies comparison while pushing his little white fragility bill aimed at protecting white feelings while making white nationalists dumber than they already are.

From The Hill: