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Article Image: Safaree's Childhood Friend Gets 18 Years In Prison for Robbing Him of $180K in JewelsSplash Images In 2018, Safaree Samuels was robbed at gunpoint for a large amount of jewelry. The robbers made off with about $183,000 worth of jewelry from the reality TV star in an incident that left him traumatized. Since then, the robbers were apprehended, and it was revealed that one of the men was Shawn Harewood, a childhood friend of Samuels. Reports noted that Harewood was given a massive sentence for his role in the 2018 robbery that took place in New Jersey. In July 2022, a jury convicted Harewood on three counts of robbery, eluding, and resisting arrest. The prosecution established that Harewood set up the robbery, but he was not guilty of robbing Samuels’ friend, weapons charges, and conspiracy to commit robbery. $180,000 worth of jewelry from the reality star, with his years behind bars running consecutively. While speaking to the courtroom, Harewood said, “These moments do not define me, and they’re not reflective of me.”